Hello, my name is Tanden Launder and I am a multidisciplinary artist working in North Idaho. Art has been a lifelong ongoing through many mediums. Although my current mixed media work has been relatively recent, my interest and appreciation for Americana started in boyhood, stemming partially from reading many biographies. Ones on the likes of Buffalo Bill, Amelia Earhart, John Dillinger, Sitting Bull, the list goes on. Those books now serve as the part of the collage material I use to build up the layers on my art. In the process I focus on what I call "the draw", the part of the artwork that can be captured at first glance and as studied draws you closer to the details of smaller images and text. You will end up a foot away reading some 1930's newspaper article or studying the contrast of mediums interchanged. The intention is to have a art piece that rest easy in a space but isn't a simple study. Thank you for your interest, enjoy.