Anne Hedin is not your standard Pacific Northwest artist. Multitalented, Hedin paints, sculpts, produces textile art and writes. Each medium she works with yields a combination of bold lines accompanied with softer, more organic elements. Alive with color, impasto lines configured throughout, her mixed media paintings are dynamic. Bringing the viewer back to nature, her sculpture combines organic with practical, while her textile soft sculpture hangings are a delightful breath of fresh air.

Hedin uses color and imagery to convey messages of hope, protection, and growth. Nature, life experiences, and lifting others are important themes in her work. Many great artists’ works found in her studies, travels and adventures have influenced her creations as well. 

Not afraid to acknowledge the other artists who have inspired parts of her creation process, Hedin calls this type of work Artist Expressionism. “The 12 Inspiring Artists’ Guide” is a book she wrote that explains the basics of the Artist Expressionist approach. Her book shares ways for readers to use Artist Expressionism to increase their own creative abilities and includes 12 lines drawings they can interact with by adding color.

From art teacher to artist, Hedin grew in her 20+ years of helping others and simultaneously developed her own style. Highly educated, Hedin earned a Master’s degree in Art of Teaching Art from University of Idaho, and became Nationally Board Certified in EAYA Art, all while helping thousands of students foster growth in the fine arts.

Hedin resides in Hayden, Idaho and has an art studio downtown Coeur d’Alene. A. M Hedin @ Studio Selfie 4 is not only a gallery of her work, but also a place where people can come in and take photos.